Settled In & Finally Brewing Again

My move half way across the country back to Texas from Oregon put a damper in my homebrewing.  I did find time to make a few 1 gallon batches of hard cider and have a three gallon Cherry Mead going since it was so successful before, but I’ve finally found the gumption to brew up […]

Bottled First Mead – Cherry Mead

Today I put into bottles my first mead, well my first one in over 12 years.   I used 375ml clear bottles for this and love them, I will use these for future meads as well. This was just a simple 1 gallon recipe using cherry juice from Trader Joe’s.  My overall my goal was […]

Pumpkin Saison

  My fall season beer this year will be different than most brewers offer.  I’m sticking with the Saison theme and taking it up a notch.   Test Recipe below: Pumpkin Spice Saison a Saison by ibrewaletx (13) TypeAll Grain Efficiency75.0% Batch size3.0 gal Boil time60 min Fermentables NAME AMOUNT USE PPG American 2-Row 4.5 lb69 % Mash 38 […]

‘Cottage’ Saison

Another recipe I’ve lifted from Homebrewtalk, this one because it is 72F at the lowest in my basement and I don’t want to wait 1-2 months for the cooler weather to come along to brew. I brewed on 8/4/13 and on 8/8/13 it was already down to 1.003.  I started the fermentation at 72F for […]

Simple Greek Yogurt

A recipe in a modern canning book my wife had caught my eye.  Homemade Greek yogurt.  It looked so easy to make, and we love Greek yogurt I had to give it a try.  Here are the simple steps: Heat 1/2 gallon of milk (whole, 2% or fat free) up to 170F, stir occasionally Cool […]

Sour Mash Berliner Weiss

Following a method outlined by a podcast I listened to last year, BasicBrewingRadio from July 26, 2012 and the link from that show to Sean Coates blog here, I set myself up to brew a sour mash Berliner Weiss. There seems to be two keys to pulling this off: A way to get a CO2 blanket […]

Bottling From Keg

Now that I am full on into kegging again, I wanted to give bottling a shot from the kegs.  This would allow me to quickly move a batch out (into bottles) and free up kegs for batches waiting.  Also I get the benefit of forced carbonation and hopefully very little at the bottom of the […]

“Red Louse” Wit Brewday

I have moved away from naming my brews unless it is a recipe I will repeat which has not been very many.  This beer was an exception since hours after ending my brew day my wife, niece and grand niece (who were staying at our house for a while) discovered lice.  What I thought was […]


The first in my English Beer ‘series’ I’ll be producing this summer.  This is a cross between a Brewing Classic Styles and a recipe off of Homebrewtalk, so my own I guess.  I’ve decided on a ‘series’ of English brews since I had picked up WLP-022 Essex Ale ‘platinum series’ yeast that I need to […]

Hopworks Urban Brewery (Powell) Visit

I made a order with Brew Brothers Homebrew shop in Beaverton which is a bit out of town, so for $5 they deliver once a week to a nice brewpub in town, H.U.B – Hopworks Urban Brewery.  Since I ordered a 50lb bag of two-row I decided it was more than worth it to meet […]