First Brewday- Pale Ale

Off to a new start, first brew day in about 3 years.

Went over well, mashed in my grains and hit within 0.5F of my 152F target.  The temp did drop 5F over the hour though, I’ll have to work on that a bit.  Also I ended up with a 1.060 gravity and had expected 1.045!  I am not sure of my final volume, and I can see now why that is fairly important in all grain brewing.  Using 4.75 lbs of grain, and shooting for 2.5 gallons, I may have ended up with just 2 gallons, hence the higher reading?  Also, I cannot calculate my efficiency now since I don’t know that final volume.  I will fix that on my next batch.

1/2 ounce of Cascades

Ended at 147.2F...too low

Ready to boil the Pale Ale

Post boil - OG gravity reading

Yeast Pitched-ready to ferment

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