Bottle Woes

Another bottling day today, and it’s just a reminder of how much I dislike bottling. Maybe someday I’ll get set back up for kegging. In the meantime, I will just tough it out and bottle.
I packaged up my brew #16, Keeney’s Irish Red ale. This brew is the 1.066 that came out fairly high on the SG due to poor water management on my part. I’ve since done a better job of noting and accounting for my water (My Moose Drool clone – #17 is a shining example).
So, the taste uncarbonated and unsettled wasn’t that wonderful. A dull bitterness and a slight sweetness, almost cider like, maybe it is the green apple thing. Hoping for no traces of that after carbing in the bottles. So, according to Yeast by Chris White and Jamil Z, the green apple flavor comes via Acetaldehyde and the only reason that fits my situation is overpitching. I did rack this beer onto a yeast cake (US-05) from my Scottish Ale, and this could be the reason.
I’ll give another look at it in a couple of weeks when I open my first bottle.


An update on my Deer Slobber, for lack of a better name of the Moose Drool clone. It hit FG in 4 days, and I was very happy about that. This was my first go-round with Safale S-04. It had a wonderful nutty flavor and I was pleased with my small sip after the 4th day. I may bottle this on Saturday, I don’t want to leave it on the yeast too long.

More updates later on.

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