First Tasting Of “St Teresas” Irish Red Ale

And a new name, a final name for the Irish Red ale.  My wife gave the name, she is always in charge of the creative work.  Teresa is a good friend of hers that should be here in about a week, visiting from D.C.

Only six days in the bottle and it is pretty wonderful!  This is a beer I’ll brew again that is for sure.  I’m pretty happy with this.  It was before I bought my digital scale and the hops are a shot in the dark, but turned out well.  I have my BIAB Brew in a bag pretty much dial ed in, I should have a good result actually following my recipe.


Now I finally have a mill of my own.  It’s an old school corona mill, which should be pretty good for BIAB.  It should work well for getting a good fine grind.

I’ll do a formal review of the beer in a week or so after I get more carbonation.


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