A Bottle Issue

It finally happened.  A gusher.  This is nearly the last bottle of beer in this batch I have left (it was the Deer Balm Brown Ale) and I surprisingly got a gusher.  It was a slow rolling one so I had time to get from the counter to the sink without too much of a mess.
This is absolutely the first gusher I’ve ever had, and being the only bottle of the batch I will blame it on something not completely cleaned out of the bottle by me, and take away needing some better bottle cleaning habbits.
Currently I will soak my bottles in a warm water / Oxyclean mixture between 2 and 24 hours.  Rinse with warm water, and then spray with a sanitizer (currently I’m using Starsan).  I think I will start adding a bottle brush scrub at the beginning of the oxyclean soak to make sure all surface items are removed.
How about you?  Have you had gushers in the past, and was it just one or a couple bottles or a whole batch?  Did you change up your cleaning / sanitizing habits?

Bottle Gusher

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