Hop Starts


After approximately four weeks from planting my centennial rhizome in my large pot, I am finally seeing some activity.  I will say, my location has not been too warm until recently, at least not steadily.  We had a 90F day yesterday after having several mid 80’s days’, but the hottest days are done for now.  Back to low 80’s and 70’s tomorrow.
But, I will relax a little now, knowing that the rhizome was not just a dead stick that I put into the soil.
I had read many online instructions for planting hop rhizomes and they ranged on planting depth from 1″ to 6″ deep.  I ended up with mine being planted around 5″ deep.  After my wife had 60-90 bulbs taken by the little wretched creatures known as squirrels, this year, I wanted to keep this rhizome on the deep end.  I doubt very much squirrels would want to dig up a root for a hop plant, but you never know!
The picture above isn’t too impressive, I’ve already seen pictures of hop cones in Arkansas from this year, but for me just getting this late start, in cool wet Portland, I’m pretty happy.
Next planned beer (I already have the ingredients) Belgian Wit



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