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Flanders Red Explosion


Not to be a standard beer, my Flanders Red went ‘Guyser’ on me sometime in the past 24 hours.  I had a normal brew start-up after 24 hours, which even surprised me at the time.  All this time I had ‘thought’ that Roesealare was a subdued mix of yeast and bacteria.  Nope.
To the left is a picture of the fermentation about 24 hours in.  It looks ‘normal’.  I let my guard down and did not check for another 24 hours.
Below are two pics showing what happened during that 24 hours.  The casualty was a hat box of my wives.  It successfully protected the hats, but the cardboard nature of this decorated box took the worst brunt of the yeast and bacteria.

My original post on my Flanders Red brew day is here.



Flanders Red Brewday


Flanders Red First Runnings

Today I both broke in my new mash tun (Coleman cooler) and made my first sour red.  It was a Flanders Red recipe straight out of Jamil’s book.  I decided to try to get the most souring as I could so I did not first ferment with a neutral ale yeast, but pitched the Wyeast Roeselare 3763 immediately.
A brewday for a sour beer goes exactly the same for any other beer.  The difference is just what you pitch to kick things off.


I purchased a 52 quart Coleman Cooler off of craigslist for $5.  Of course the conversion (adding the valve and filtering type mechanism) cost much more than that.  Better than paying full price for it.  Likely save $20-$25 on the deal.
I ended up the brew day with 66% efficiency, and with this much grain I ‘felt’ like I didn’t get a very good rinse of the grain.
When I start crushing my own grain (I already have a corona mill) I will try to get a finer crush and see if that improves things as well.
Well, below is the recipe, and I look forward to tasting this in the next year or so.

Red Rogue
Flanders Red Ale

Recipe Specs
Batch Size (G):           5.5
Total Grain (lb):         13.500
Total Hops (oz):          0.80
Original Gravity (OG):    1.060  (°P): 14.7
Final Gravity (FG):       1.008  (°P): 2.1
Alcohol by Volume (ABV):  6.76 %
Colour (SRM):             15.3   (EBC): 30.1
Bitterness (IBU):         16.9   (Average)
Brewhouse Efficiency (%): 66
Boil Time (Minutes):      90

Grain Bill
5.250 lb Pilsner (38.89%)
5.250 lb Vienna (38.89%)
1.000 lb Munich I (7.41%)
0.500 lb Aromatic Malt (3.7%)
0.500 lb Caramunich II (3.7%)
0.500 lb Special-B (3.7%)
0.500 lb Wheat Malt (3.7%)

Hop Bill
0.80 oz East Kent Golding Pellet (5.9% Alpha) @ 60 Minutes (Boil) (0.1 oz/Gal)

Misc Bill

Single step Infusion at 150°F for 60 Minutes.
Fermented at 62°F with Wyeast 3763 – Roselare Blend

First running 15B
Second runnings 8B
Preboil 12B
Postboil 5.5 gallons 15B

Cooled to 70F and pitched one smack pack of wyeast roselare with NO starter.