Homegrown Hops

First off, it’s been a while since I’ve updated, breaking the golden rule of having a blog. Well, this is more for me than anyone else, so I’ll live.
It’s been summer ‘visit’ season, and I’ve either been visiting someone somewhere on my days off, or we’ve had a house full of guests & family.  It’s been a nice summer.

My struggling first year Centennial hop vine has finally produced a few hops.  The picture to the left you can see a few hops I harvested today.  This is from a rhizome I planted late spring in a large pot.  You can see the information on how I did that here.   I should have in total about 3 times this amount in the next two weeks.  Not enough to brew a batch of home brew, but something I can dry hop with or something.
I’ll likely brew up a pale ale and dry hop with these centennials.

Some things I’ve learned this year and will improve upon next year.  Well, mainly just one main thing.

I will place my pot and entire hop plant in full sunlight.  
We get such a limited amount of sun in Portland, that the hop plants need every minute of direct light they can get.  This is not the Yakima Valley (where I grew up) and we only get a good couple of months of sun here in PDX.

I also plan to propagate this Centennial using a method you can see here by ‘weirdbeer’ on youtube.


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