Another Irish Red – Jilter

Here is my third different Irish Red Recipe, this one straight from Jamil Zainasheff ‘Brewing Classic Styles‘.  It is simple, English two row, crystal 30, crystal 120.  Some EKG hops at 60 minutes and some US-05 yeast.  That is pretty much it.  This differs from my other recipes in its simpleness, no cararoma, etc.  I like the idea of a simpler grain bill, just letting the yeast and grains do their thing.
My first batch was a favorite of a good friend of ours, and my second batch was a favorite of my good friend and his dad.  I didn’t like either one very much.  There were no flaws, but just didn’t do it for me.  Again, that could be more of the style and not the beer itself.

I have this 3 gallon recipe bubbling away in a 5 gallon glass carboy (I don’t like glass carboys) that I received as part of a larger craigslist pickup.  I do like having the 2 gallons of headspace for the primary ferment.  I will only leave this for about 2 weeks, as long as I hit my final gravity, and then bottle.

10/3/2012 Update: Bottling.  I bottled this tonight with 2.4 ounces of sugar.  It was a quick turnaround and ended up at 6P but corrected for alcohol came out around 1.012.  I’m really curious how this comes out, a simple recipe for an Irish as well as having a fairly sweet taste so far.  I also noted a slight ‘rubber’ flavor, which doesn’t bode well.  Time to do a little googling, but I don’t want to be in the same vein as a hypochondriac.  I’ll just crack one open after a week in the bottle for a sample.


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