Chocolate Porter 2012

Another day, another recipe that is close to, but not exactly the same as, Jamil Z’s Chocolate Porter.  I don’t mind using his recipes for my first shot at a style, and then if I brew again I may tweak it a little.  I love chocolate, I love porters and really love chocolate porters, so this is likely a style I will brew again, and again, so I expect to tweak this more and making it my own at some point.
But for now, here it is.  I changed to a crystal 30 from 40, as that is what I found at the homebrew store, and I went just straight Willamette hops as that is what I had and the LHBS did not have what the recipe called for.   I will try to leave this on the chocolate sludge for the whole brew, but may break down and rack this to a secondary a few days before bottling, I’ll play it by ear a bit.
As usual I have posted my BeerXML file below, and now I’m pasting a picture of the recipe as well so you can just write it down if that is what you wish to do.
I’ll return here in about 1 month and do a tasting as well.  That will be my plan going forward, to give a thorough and complete tasting to each batch / recipe that I do brew so you can see MY feedback for my beer.
I added the 6 oz of low fat chocolate powder right before flame out just to ensure it would dissolve easily and that it was warm enough to kill anything that could be living in it.

Link to Recipe for testing purposes

10/10/2012 Update:  Today I racked over to a secondary, trying to leave behind as much ‘sludge’ as I could.  According to the original recipe from Jamil Z, it is suggested to leave on the chocolate as long as you can, at least 10 days.  I more than did that.
The sample was super cloudy with all kinds of particulates in it.  It came in around 1.030 on the sample, which looks ‘high’ but remember I mashed at 156F, trying to leave some sweetness to go with the chocolate.  The sample actually tasted great as is, a huge chocolate presence, some warming alcohol actually, & the sweetness wasn’t as noticeable as one would expect either.  I could see carbonating at this point, but it needs to clear.  I will check again in a week to see if the gravity has lowered any (doubtful) and if it has cleared any.

10/26/2012 Update:  Took another refractometer reading today, and it was a steady 9B.  I will bottle this in about two days, once I get a day off from work.  Couldn’t get a good taste from the few drops I had as I was in the middle of drinking my morning coffee.  I’ll get a good sample in a few days while bottling and update.

10/29/2012 Bottling:  The scent was intense chocolate with less on the flavor.  A decent bitterness bite that I don’t think overpowers the chocolate.  Will be interesting to see how it goes with some carbonation.  Added 2 oz white sugar and bottled 2.5 gallons (25 bottles).


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