Bottling Day – Rogue Chocolate Porter

I  bottled up the chocolate porter today, using 2 oz of white table sugar and getting 25, 12 oz bottles when I was complete.  I should have cleaned 3 more bottles, I likely could have filled them up.  I usually do have 3 to 4 extra bottles just in case I calculate incorrectly.
This finished at 1.030, really high, but pretty much expected after mashing it so warm 156F.  The next chocolate porter I do, I will bring that down to 154F and try to get it a little dryer.  The issue is though, and I know from experience, is you can easily get a weak thin tasting beer from what would otherwise be something nice, by mashing a chocolate porter too low.  It doesn’t take much either.

The nose was intense chocolate / cocoa.  I loved the smell, it was excellent.  The taste of the flat beer was not as chocolate intense as the nose, but seemed pretty decent.  There is a definite residual sweetness, and I will be interested to see how it turns out when there is some carbonation.
I was shooting for 2.0 volumes of CO2, and contemplated even going lower.  I will taste test in 1 week, and then do an official tasting in 2 weeks, which reminds me, I need to do an official tasting of my last Irish Red, which I am now calling a Black Irish ale.


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