Munich Pseudo Dunkel Brewday

After drinking a nice Heater Allen Dunkel a few days ago, I decided my next brew would be a Dunkel.  I’ve never brewed a Dunkel as I haven’t done many lagers.  I felt like this wouldn’t be too big of a challenge, plus it would give me a chance to experiment a bit.  That’s what homebrewing is mostly about.  Experiment, change, challenge, explore, etc.
So, I’ve tried the pseudo lager route before using Wyeast 2124-Bohemian Lager, and it didn’t turn out all that wonderful.  It was still too warm for the yeast and I got too many sweet esters from it.  So, even though Wyeast publishes it as being fine at a warmer temp, I didn’t find that it worked too well.
This time, I’m going the Kolsch route.  Per Wyeast “This yeast may also be used to produce quick-conditioning pseudo-lager beers and ferments well at cold 55-60°F (13-16°C) range“.  The downside is that I will need to let this set a bit to clear completely.  Not a problem.Picture

Red Neck Starter in a wine bottle

I found a little 8oz canning jar in my fridge with some Kolsch yeast that I had rinsed and save from March 11, 2012 – Over 7 months ago!  It looked perfectly fine, powdery white (unlike some 6 month old S-04 that turned dark).  I thought to give this a shot and sure enough, I was able to get a nice starter going with this after about 18 hours. I got a little red neck and made my starter in an old 750ml wine bottle.  Worked well!  I used the starter after 2.5 days, and to be quite honest, because of the lag time to start, it was still going strong when I pitched it.

American Dunkel
Brewer: Jerry
Style: Munich Dunkel
Batch: 3 gallon All Grain

Recipe Gravity: 1.052 OG
Recipe Bitterness: 20 IBU
Recipe Color: 17° SRM
Estimated FG: 1.013
Alcohol by Volume: 5.1%
Alcohol by Weight: 4.0%

Briess – Blackprinz Malt 0.12 lb, Grain, Mashed
Briess – Munich Malt 10L 6.25 lb, Grain, Mashed

Hallertau 0.25 oz, Pellet, 45 minutes
Hallertau 0.40 oz, Pellet, 60 minutes

Whirlfloc Tablet 1.00 unit, Fining,
Wyeast – Kolsch 1.00 unit, Yeast, True top croppint yeast similar to Alt strains. Produces slightly more fruity/winey characteristics. Fruitiness increases with temperature. Low or no detectable diacetyl production. Also ferments well at cold temperatures (13-16C). Used to produce quick-conditioning pseudo-lager beers. Requires filtration or additional settling time to produce bright beers. Liquid yeast.
Yeast Nutrient 0.25 unit, Other,

Recipe Notes:


Batch Notes:
Pre mash 6 gallons
Post mash 5.5 gallons
Pre boil 11B (1.044)
Post Boil: 14B (1.056)
Cooled to 66F, whirlpooled
Fermented 62F, moved to 69F after 4 days
8B (1.0158) 4.9% ABV
Moved to basement at 62F


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