Rice Wine Comparison

Rice Wine – Side by Side

Today I took a sample of my pasteurized Rice Wine and compared it to the little bit of Rice Wine that I did not pasteurize.

Day 10

Day 10

In the refrigerator the non pasteurized sample looked much clearer than the pasteurized but by the time I poured it out to my sample glass, I had stirred up enough white rice sediment from the bottom of the jar to effectively make both look the same.

Given my taste test, it is not surprising that they looked identical.  They tasted identical, and I wasn’t really expecting that at all.

Both had a definite alcohol nose and not much else that I could pick up on the scent.  These samples were straight from the fridge so they were probably 40F by the time I sampled them.

The flavor was a slight flowery, ever so sweet, and strongly alcoholic.  The alcoholic strength was not overpowering though at all.  Overall, these turned out wonderfully and I will attempt to make some more.

I’m also going to experiment with various flavorings.  I’ve read that pomegranate works very well with this, and look forward to this.  I’ll post my tastings and findings when I do mix in some fruit with the rice wine.

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