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Cranberry Mead Missing Color

I put together a Cranberry Mead this last December (2012) so I could have something ready to go come Thanksgiving 2013.  I envisioned something that had the slight sour tartness of cranberries with the red or pink color to match.

Ready to Bottle Cranberry Mead

Ready to Bottle Cranberry Mead

I think I will have to come up with another plan.

My 1 gallon ‘pilot’ batch of mead recipe was the following:

  • 2 pounds of Clover Honey
  • 24 ounces of Cranberry fruit
  • DAP / Yeast nutrient
  • 1 pkg Lavlin 71B-1122 yeast
  • Back-sweetened with 2 ounces of Clover Honey

My color seemed to fade the most after I sorbated / sulfited so that I could back-sweeten with the 2 ounces of honey.  Even as I got ready to bottle (see picture above) I thought I had a little color left.  Nope.

I did have color left in my lees though…

Cranberry Lees

Cranberry Lees


The sample flavor was slightly sweet, much like a white wine, and of course by the looks of it tasted JUST LIKE A WHITE WINE.  Not what I expected, but it is a pretty damn good tasting ‘white wine’.  In the end, as far as everyone I give samples to is concerned, it is a ‘white’ cranberry mead…

'White' Cranberry Mead

‘White’ Cranberry Mead

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