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Flaked Wheat

“Red Louse” Wit Brewday

I have moved away from naming my brews unless it is a recipe I will repeat which has not been very many.  This beer was an exception since hours after ending my brew day my wife, niece and grand niece (who were staying at our house for a while) discovered lice.  What I thought was a long brew day turned into a tortuous delousing night that lasted well past 2:00am.

The good news is the lice are under control and gone for now, I already have short hair and now issues, and the ‘trauma’ has given me a name for this beer.  The ‘Red’ will be 1 oz of hibiscus tea I will add to it at kegging time.

It was again another 3 gallon batch, which I will likely keep doing (with my 2.5 gallon kegs especially) unless it is a repeat sure fire winning recipe I want to hand out and drink again.   This was only my second Belgian Wit attempt, the first last year was wonderful (used Wyeast 3944) and was fairly popular.  But, ever changing, the recipe was different this time, I went with nearly a 50/50 split with 2-row and flaked wheat.  A pinch of Munich added to top it off.  That was it.

Also different in this recipe is my first shot with Wyeast Forbidden Fruit (Wyeat 3463).

  • 2lb 9 oz 2-row
  • 2lb 9 oz Flaked wheat
  • 8 oz Munich (light)
  • 1 oz 4.6% Hallertau for 60 minutes
  • Mashed at 122F for 15 minutes and 154F for 60 minutes
  • Zest of 2 Cara Cara Oranges at 2 minutes
  • 5 grams of crushed Coriander

Pretty simple stuff really.  Except the yeast.

This was my first go with this strain, and only second Wit yeast and I found it was REALLY clumpy during the active part of fermentation.  I also found disturbingly that I have what appear to be chunks of protein from the cold break that have floated to the top, making me originally think I had a serious infection under way once the krausen settled.  But luckily, no.

OG 1.054

IBU: 20

SRM: 4

Four days in I measure 1.011 and it has a nice ‘clean’ grainy flavor.  I’ve lost the orange / coriander taste so at the suggestion of someone on g+ I’ll likely make a new ‘tea’ to add at kegging once I get to that point.



ESB mash


The first in my English Beer ‘series’ I’ll be producing this summer.  This is a cross between a Brewing Classic Styles and a recipe off of Homebrewtalk, so my own I guess.  I’ve decided on a ‘series’ of English brews since I had picked up WLP-022 Essex Ale ‘platinum series’ yeast that I need to use and look forward to using, as well as getting that huge jar of Wyeast 1318 (London Ale 3) from H.U.B.  So, I need to use the yeast, I want to try some malty English beers, hence my ‘Series’ is born!!

Well, for this first run (of maybe of a few) ESB I used the London Ale 3 and to be honest, that is a monster in a starter!

From what I’ve read the London Ale 3 should leave quite a bit of malt sweetness, and to ensure I get full fermentation I’ll likely move my fermenter upstairs after 3 to 4 days where it is a little warmer.

Here is the recipe and also a link if you would like the BeerXML version of it from – a great website by the way.

  • 3 gallon BIAB
  • 5 lb 6 oz Marris Otter
  • 6 oz Caramel 60
  • 6 oz Victory / Biscuit malt
  • 1.4 ml ‘Hop Jizz’ to 30 IBU at 60 minutes
  • 0.5 oz Kent Goldings 20 minutes
  • 0.5 oz Kent Goldings 5 minutes
  • Mash full volume Brew In A Bag (BIAB) for 60 minutes at 154F

I’ll likely make another post on the ‘Hop Jizz‘ after this beer is complete so I can give it a full review.  Interesting stuff.

Hop Jizz

Hop Jizz

hub sampler full width

Hopworks Urban Brewery (Powell) Visit

I made a order with Brew Brothers Homebrew shop in Beaverton which is a bit out of town, so for $5 they deliver once a week to a nice brewpub in town, H.U.B – Hopworks Urban Brewery.  Since I ordered a 50lb bag of two-row I decided it was more than worth it to meet them at H.U.B., have an excuse to sample the beers, and see if I could pick up some yeast for brewing as well.   I had seen a post on google+, yes people do use that, of a local homebrewer who had picked up a jar of yeast from H.U.B. so I brought along a 32oz mason jar just in case.

I sampled all 10 non-cask beers:

  • Hub Lager
  • Perles of Wisdon IPX
  • Velvet ESB
  • Hopworks IPA
  • Survival ‘7 grain’ Stout
  • D.O.A. Deluxe Organic Ale
  • Rise Up Red
  • Organic Granola Ale
  • Secession CDA
  • Galactic

I also had a nice huge pint (see pic) of their “Cask ESB” which is their Velvet ESB I am pretty sure.  A wonderful beer, I just love LOVE bitters on cask / beer engine.

I would highly recommend this bike friendly brewpub for a nice pint or three.  The staff was friendly, attentive, and beers very nice.  Other than the ESB, my favorite was the Survival ‘7 Grain’ Stout which I believe I had elsewhere in bottle.

I ended my stay with a huge jar filled with London Ale III from a fermentor of their stout.  One of the brewers, Jeremy (I think?) helped me out, took time out of his day to hook me up with the yeast & for that I am helpful.  I will be back to enjoy their beers and maybe see about getting some more yeast.  At this point though, I have two samples rinsed and in the fridge ready to make a starter and brew with.  With careful control I should have plenty of London Ale III for quite some time.


Cask ESB

Cask ESB

Hub Brewery

Hub Brewery

HUB London Ale III

HUB London Ale III