Racking to my 1 gallon jug

Cherry Mead ’16

First, I’ve had several experiences with a few 1 gallon meads I’ve made turn out to have a burnt rubber after taste & it was obviously really bothersome to me.  I changed my plastics out thinking it was a sort of infection causing the off flavor.  I really started making sure I added extra ‘elbow grease’ in cleaning, soaking with oxy-clean longer, etc.  I still found I had this offensive flavor.  Finally I started digging around the interwebs and found that Lavlin 71B-1122 can give this horrendous flavor if left on the lees (yeast cake) too long.  I was guilty of this no doubt, sometimes going months with a yeast cake under my mead.

Laziness.  That is what was likely contributing to my burnt rubber flavors.  Figures, and appropriate.

Well, I am now going to start ramping up some 1 gallon meads, and do some experimentation plus I have a whole bunch of the ‘Narbonne’ yeast (Lavlin 71B-1122) so I will rack, and rack often to avoid this off flavor.  I’m sticking with 71B since I did have so much good luck with it in the past, just wonderful flavors for fruit fermentation’s and well, as I said, I have quite a bit of it.

Here is my 1 gallon Cherry’ish recipe:

  • 32 oz Tart Cherry Juice (no preservatives)
  • ~3 lbs Wildflower Honey
  • Balance of water to make just over 1 gallon
  • 1/2 TSP Yeast Nutrient & Yeast Energizer
  • Lavlin 71B-1122 yeast
  1. I mixed the honey, water and cherry juice at 85F to dissolve the honey
  2. Placed it in a 2 gallon bucket, added 1/3 of my initial yeast nutrient & energizer and fermented at 67F
  3. After 1 day I degassed, and added another 1/3 of my yeast nutrient & energizer
  4. After 3 days more I degassed again and added the remaining nutrient & energizer
  5. After 7 days total, I racked to a 1 gallon ‘jug’ aka ‘carboy’

I’ll likely rack this off in 1 week or when the fermentation slows way down as it already has some lees on the bottom after 18 hours, and well, I’m going to be super paranoid about preventing this god awful off flavor.


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