Quick Sour Berliner Weisse Tasting

As a follow up to my GoodBelly Sour Wort experiment, I have the tasting notes from the ‘clean’ half of the wort, the Berliner Weisse.  Following the 26 hours of souring which dropped the pH to a tested 3.1 (I believe this reading was a bit lower than actual) I brought half of the wort up to a boil, dropped a few hop pelets in and boiled for 15 minutes to try to drive off any DMS that may have been there.  I chilled as a normal beer and pitched an active 1.3L starter of WLP-090, San Diego Super Yeast, my go to now for clean american ales.


Low malt aroma, alomost nothing noted, it is a hint of wet bread dough.  No hop aroma.  Medium to high fruit scent reminiscent of tart apple.


Very pale straw color just the slightest bit of haze.  1.5″ white head that has very little retention.  Leaves a slight bubble ring around the top of the beer after several minutes.


Very low malt similar to the aroma noted.  High sourness, very clean lactic appropriate to style.  No hop flavor noted.  Lemony and tart apple front and center, finish has the slightest bready flavor.


Light body that is appropriate.  Carbonation is very high, no alcoholic warmth, no creaminess and very crisp and sharp.

Overall Impression:

A very pale refreshing crisp tart clean sour beer that is appropriate to style, finishes with a sense of fruity sweetness and just a touch of doughy bread.

Potato pic thanks to my cracked lens cover on my phone.

Potato pic thanks to my cracked lens cover on my phone.

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