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First Pour Pale Ale 1

Well, after 1 long week in the bottle, I decided to give my first batch (first since leaving retirement) bottled a shot.  This was the late hopped/hop burst American Pale Ale.

It was surprisingly carbed pretty well so far, especially after just 1 week.  Granted, the bottles have been kept around 80F while conditioning, it is the Gulf Coast after all.  The appearance had a thin white head-more than expected at this time.  It was a light copper color and I definitely had chill haze with this bottle.  It was so obvious as when I put it in the fridge, it was crystal clear in the bottle and pulling it out hours later, cloudy.  The nose was distinctly yeasty and some hops came through.  The taste had the yeast in it as well.  Not in a bad way, but in a way I wouldn’t want to keep drinking pint after pint, or sharing with buddies.  I am ‘hoping’ that this goes away with time.  I’m not sure what it really is, and how to prevent, but it is yeast related.  I will do some online searching.  Hopefully its just a part of drinking it one week after naturally carbing and nothing more.

Overall, I am disappointed in the lack of a hop punch.  I can tell now that to get that I need to do a dry hop, or hop infusion (hops soaked in vodka and added at bottling) to get that effect.  I’m glad to know this now as I have my IPA 2 ready to bottle at any time now.  I believe I will do some hops soaked in vodka for that brew.  A nice new experiment!

I will give this batch another shot in a week or so, a tasting at 2 weeks in the bottle and do my best to compare and hope there are some improvements on the yeast taste front.