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Milk warming

Simple Greek Yogurt

A recipe in a modern canning book my wife had caught my eye.  Homemade Greek yogurt.  It looked so easy to make, and we love Greek yogurt I had to give it a try.  Here are the simple steps:

  • Heat 1/2 gallon of milk (whole, 2% or fat free) up to 170F, stir occasionally
  • Cool milk to 110F, place in a sink with cool water, stir occasionally
  • Place 2 tablespoons of all natural Greek yogurt (I used Fage) in a bowl and whisk about 1/2 cup of the 110F milk with the yogurt
  • Place this whisked yogurt/milk back into the original pan with 110F milk and mix gently
  • Ladle the milk mixture into prewarmed 1/2 quart mason jars, seal tightly
  • Place the 2 (1/2 qt) jars of milk into a small cooler along with another jar or two of hot water and fill all space with towels.
  • Close up the cooler and set aside untouched for 8-10 hours.
  • After the 8-10 hours, place in a refrigerator to cool.
  • You now have 1/2 gallon of great tasting, cheap Greek yogurt


I just finished this process up and am waiting my 8-10 hours. I will report back in the next day on the quality and taste of this yogurt.

 I will report back in the next day on the quality and taste of this yogurt.

UPDATE:  Well, the taste test is in.  After 11.5 hours I put these in the fridge, I could tell they cooled down considerably even though they were in a small cooler wrapped with towels.

After refrigerating overnight I tried this morning and the texture is just slightly thinner than the original yogurt, the taste has just a little less ‘bite’ (sour) to it as well.  I can imagine this could be due to not maintaining a high enough temp for long enough.

Overall, this is very good and I will try it again.  You can’t beat $1.99 for a half gallon of Greek yogurt!


canning for a new generation

Pre-warming cooler for home made Greek yogurt

Pre-warming cooler for home made Greek yogurt

temp controller full width

STC-1000 Temperature Controller Build

Well, I have read that when I bend down my freezer in my new small fridge as part of my kegerator conversion that the fridge will freeze everything up as all the cooling for the fridge is via the freezer bottom plate (that will get bent down).

This necessitated an external thermostat  so instead of buying a digital Johnson Controls A419 at $75 or $80  I went with a home made thermostat based on a $20 digital controller, a STC-1000.  This is sold off of ebay from China and a common homebrew DIY item.

The build was not too difficult, it required a ‘project box’ (from Radio Shack) for $7, and a 8ft power cord ($8).  I made mine slightly different than most people who do this, I only wanted cooling, so I did not install a plug in socket, and instead just used the female end of the extension cord that I used for the power plug-in.  Worked well!

temp controller face cutout

temp controller making up connections temp controller pulling cables finished temp controller Wire Layout Wiring Diagram






















Here is a video with a similar setup, he uses a outlet and heating on his though – my setup was a bit easier.